ESL Programs

If you want to learn English, ESLA is the place for you. We focus on making sure you learn English and have fun doing it.

After graduating from our ESL program, many of our students go on to college or university. We have special programs in place so that our ESL graduates don’t have to take the TOEFL (or can enroll into partner universities that accept lower TOEFL or IELTS scores).

ESL Levels

When you join our ESL program, you will test into one of seven levels to start your studies:

Levels For students with:
ESL Level 1 Little or no background in English.
ESL Level 2 Basic reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in English.
ESL Level 3 Basic proficiency in English.
ESL Level 4 Intermediate English skills.
ESL Level 5 Intermediate proficiency in English.
ESL Level 6 Advanced skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking.
English for Academic Purposes (ESL Level 7) College-level English skills, preparing for academic studies

Every day you will take two hours of ESL class targeted at your level. The classes will be focused on four key ESL skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Reading Writing Listening Speaking
ESL Level 1 Developing basic vocabulary Developing basic grammar Building and refining fundamental conversational skills, pronunciation
ESL Level 2 Developing vocabulary Developing grammar Building and refining fundamental conversational skills, pronunciation
ESL Level 3 Improving reading comprehension Studying increasingly complex grammatical structures Developing conversational skills
ESL Level 4 Building on reading comprehension Developing writing skills and studying complex grammatical structures Refining intermediate conversational skills
ESL Level 5 Honing reading comprehension skills Learning paragraph composition and basic essay structure. Developing speaking and listening skills
ESL Level 6 Reading increasingly complex academic texts Developing essay writing skills. Participating in discussions, delivering oral presentations and  learning to communicate with fluency on a wide range of topics.
English for Academic Purposes (ESL Level 7) Reading college-level academic texts, Developing academic writing skills. Developing advanced listening and note-taking skills and delivering academic presentations. Engaging in classroom discussion and lectures of a wide range of academic topics

ESLA Elective Courses

In addition to your ESL level class, you can choose two or four electives (depending on your program) to round out your ESL studies.

Levels Reading Writing Listening Speaking
ESL Levels 1 & 2 Afternoon Beginning Reading and Writing

Basic English Grammar

Beginning Listening Skills and Conversation

Afternoon Beginning Listening and Speaking

Introduction to Reading Intro to Writing
ESL Levels 3 & 4 Intermediate Grammar

Intermediate Vocabulary

Intermediate Listening Skills and Conversation


Reading Short Stories

Intermediate Reading

Intermediate Writing
ESL Levels 4 & 5 Advanced Grammar Speech and Debate

Intelligently Speaking

Intermediate Reading
ESL Levels 5 – 7* Advanced Grammar

Classic Stories and Creative Writing

Advanced Listening and Speaking

American Idioms and Slang

Advanced Reading Advanced Writing
Newspaper and Media, English Through American Culture, Business English

*ESL Level 7 is officially known as English for Academic Purposes.

You can view our elective course descriptions here.

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