Experience Mexican Culture in Los Angeles, CA!


By Janette

Studying in California, which is so close to Mexico, have you ever wondered about Mexican culture? The Nayarit Fair in Los Angeles is an excellent opportunity to interact with the native people of Nayarit, Mexico. It is wonderful to discover the delicious traditional food, art, and music.  You can experience the traditions and feel the kindness of Mexican culture without crossing a border. Go to the Nayarit Fair this weekend with your friends, and eat some delicious food or buy a beautiful souvenir!

August 3rd and 4th
Pico Rivera Sport Arena
11003 Rooks Road
Pico Rivera, California 90660

wonder (v) – to think about curiously
border (n) – the line that separates one country from another
souvenir (n) – something you can buy to remember a special place