San Diego Beer

Greetings young ESLers!

Have you made it down to San Diego yet? Although “America’s finest city” has many things going for it, chances are you’ve missed out on one of its greatest assets: FANTASTIC BEER!  Few seem to know it, but San Diego is home to many of America’s best microbreweries. In fact, the city has a longstanding and well-respected brewers guild

Very different from mainstream producers like Budweiser or Coors, microbreweries are smaller operations that produce limited supplies of specialty beers on a local level. For example, you may not have heard of AleSmith, but it boasts some truly awesome brews.

Barley wines, lagers, ales, or stouts – AleSmith has it all. But don’t take my word for it. Head down and join a tasting! For a small admission price, you can sample every one of their seasonal brews and chat with other beer enthusiasts. Once you’ve decided on a beer you like, you can purchase and fill up your very own growler. Also of note, they provide guided tours on the last Saturday of every month. Go see how beer is made!

As far as transportation is concerned, you’ll probably want a car, as most breweries aren’t centrally located. Just visit the brewers guild website for locations and directions. Since there are so many breweries to choose from, check out for reviews and ratings.

At any rate, if you love quality beer, you owe it to yourself to spend a weekend on a San Diego brewery tour. Your study abroad experience won’t be complete until you’ve done so. And remember: You can’t talk about American beer until you’ve tried a microbrew or two!


Microbrewery: local producer of beer with limited production

Tasting: an event wherein you taste different beers or wines

Sample: try a small amount

Growler: a large bottle typically used for alcohol