September Is Here, and Summer Is Almost Over

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By Kelly


It’s September already!  The summer is almost over, but there are still lots of ways to enjoy the beautiful weather this month in Southern California. If you are studying abroad and you’ve had your head buried in your books, you may not be making the most of your travels. You need to get outside and experience new things so you don’t get burned out. Here are a few suggestions:

1) There are two shows left at the Santa Monica Pier’s Summer Twilight Concert Series, which features free Thursday night concerts on the Pier. Reggae legend Jimmy Cliff is playing the last concert of the summer on September 12th, from 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.  Get there early to get a good spot to watch from. I recommend bringing a picnic and watching the concert from the beach right next to the pier (on the south side). There is a big screen and a huge party!


2) In Marina Del Rey, you can rent a stand-up paddle board, kayak, or power boat. You can even go jet-skiing or parasailing. You’ll see pelicans and seagulls flying over the water. You might even see a sea lion or a dolphin, if you’re lucky. Rentals are available at Fisherman’s Village at the end of Fiji Way.

People parasailing in Marina Del Rey

People parasailing in Marina Del Rey

3) In the Santa Monica Mountains you can ride horses, go hiking, see beautiful views of Los Angeles, and get some exercise to rejuvenate your mind and body before getting back to your ESL or TOEFL classes.

Horses waiting for their next riders at a Malibu horse ranch

Horses waiting for their next riders at a Malibu horse ranch

For all outdoor activities, remember to bring water and wear sunscreen. It’s hot out there!

have your head buried in a book (phr.) – be involved in reading and studying, not paying attention to what is around you
get burned out (v) – become exhausted from too much work
legend (n) – a very famous person who is admired, usually for their talent and achievement in a specific field
spot (n) – a place or area
pelicans and seagulls (n) – large birds that live near the ocean and eat fish
parasailing (v) – an activity that involves hanging from a parachute in the air, over the water while being pulled along by a motor boat.
rejuvenate (v) – refresh your energy, make you feel young again
hiking (v) – walking through the mountains

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