Summer Fun at the Fair


By Marisa

Going to the county fair is a traditional American pastime in the summer months.  For me, the Orange County fair is a fun and festive way to spend the day with family and friends. Take a break from studying for the TOEFL or cramming for your next ESL quiz!

Here are some things you can do and see at the OC fair:

1. Carnival Games and Rides

You can test your strength, agility, or courage by playing carnival games and riding roller coasters and Ferris wheels.  If you can beat the games, you often win a prize!  A common prize for winning a carnival game is a giant stuffed animal.

2. Art Exhibits

Local artists come together to display their photography, paintings, sculptures and drawings.  You can meet the artists, or just admire their work.

3. Concerts and Performances

You can listen to your favorite music or watch exciting performances on one of the fair’s many stages.

4.  Livestock and Fresh Produce

Have you ever lived on a farm?  Most people from Southern California haven’t. Watching, petting, and feeding farm animals is a popular event at the fair, especially for small children. Fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers are also on display. There are often competitions to see whose livestock or produce is the biggest or best in the county.

5.  Food

In recent years, the most popular attraction at the county fair has been the food. Every year, fair food seems to get more and more “extreme” in terms of flavor, quantity, and nutrition. Would you like to eat an 18-inch corn dog? How about deep fried cookie dough, or a BBQ turkey leg wrapped with 20 pieces of bacon? “Fair food” has become synonymous with everything that is full of fat and sugar. I recommend the funnel cake. It is a very unhealthy treat, but if you only eat it once a year, you can still stay fit!



Agility (n) – the ability to move quickly and easily

Display (n or v) – to show or exhibit

Admire (v) – to show that you like, appreciate, or approve of something

Livestock (n) – farm animals, such as horses, sheep or chickens

Produce (n) – fresh fruit or vegetables

Synonymous (adj) – having the same meaning